10 Holiday Gifts You Can Pay for in Cryptocurrency 


Now that the holiday season is just around the corner, most people have holiday shopping on their minds. While you can certainly purchase Christmas gifts with fiat, more and more platforms are starting to accept crypto payments. Despite the tumult and negative press toward cryptos resulting from the huge FTX scandal ( which was related to a false exchange, and had nothing to do with Bitcoin, or Litecoin, etc.), they are here to stay, and will gain more acceptance in the future, along with NFTs, simply due to their use of blockchain technology, which is a superior, and safer way to conduct business transactions.  

Whether you’re looking for presents for someone young or old, there are plenty of platforms out there that you can buy with your crypto cash. Here are 10 ideas to get you started.  

1. Action Figures 

For loved ones who love toys like action figures, check out Tenacious Toys. In addition to action figures, Tenacious Toys also has a variety of apparel and arts and crafts.  

The brand is crypto-friendly because it actually encourages you to pay with crypto. It normally gives a 25% discount for customers using Bitcoin as their payment method, meaning you can save some money on holiday purchases.   

2. Jewelry 

Overstock is an online retailer that sells men’s and women’s fashion, including jewelry and accessories. Most retailers on the platform accept varying forms of cryptocurrency, although Bitcoin is the most popular.  

One of Overstock’s major jewelry brands, Reed’s Jewelers, also accepts cryptocurrency payments in their physical store. So, if you prefer to shop in-store, that’s an option, too. 

Besides Overstock, you can also check out shops like Moyo Gems. Moyo Gems is one of the first retailers to offer blockchain-certified precious stones, where you can find all the information on Everledger.  

Everledger is also a supply chain running on blockchain. This way, tracking the jewelry’s manufacturer, stones used, and other information you must know about the jewelry is easier.  

3. Video Games 

Several PlayStation game retailers accept crypto as payment for console games like PS5 or PS4. More people prefer using crypto to buy games because of the similarities in the gaming and crypto industries.  

Over the years, gaming and crypto grew close because more consumers prefer digital money’s online format. Additionally, PlayStation Network allows users to pay for add-ons, games, and network subscriptions using crypto.  

4. Artwork 

Today, more people are starting to appreciate precious art pieces as decor. That can make artwork a great gift for family members this holiday season.  

Over the years, art and cryptocurrency have developed long-lasting relationships, especially because crypto helps artists prove their legitimacy and protect their artwork.  

Artwork registered on the blockchain can help you become more confident that they are legitimate and authentic. Plus, you can also purchase these masterpieces using your crypto, such as Bitcoin.  

5. Airfare or Vacation Packages 

Cryptocurrencies are often used to purchase big-ticket items, making airfare and vacation reservations a great way to spend this kind of cash.   

Some of the online booking sites which accept Bitcoin as the payment method include: 

  • AirBaltic – the first airline to accept Bitcoin as payment for the flights 
  • Expedia – currently accepts Bitcoin as payment for booking hotels 
  • Virgin Galactic – the first commercial spaceline which accepts Bitcoin as payment 

6. Gift Certificates 

It can be tricky to buy a gift for someone picky. One of the best ways to still make them feel special is by giving them a gift certificate. 

Many digital gift card platforms now accept crypto money as a payment method. For instance, the Gyft app allows you to purchase gift cards using Bitcoin as payment.  

Some of the famous retailers from Gyft include Sephora, Target, Nordstrom, and Starbucks. Gyft is a trusted app because it won’t charge anything extra while maintaining secure transactions. So, there are no added costs to purchasing with Bitcoin on the platform. 

7. Clothing 

Clothing brands are starting to accept crypto as a payment method, as well. This is largely because the fashion industry has developed a trusted relationship with the crypto industry, thanks to blockchain technology.  

Blockchain technology has allowed fans of luxury and designer clothing to verify whether an item is legitimate. This reduces the chances of getting involved in fraud and scams when purchasing expensive designer wear.  

Branded fashion items are normally sold in online stores like Crypto Emporium, which is where you can pick up clothing gifts for loved ones. 

8. Electronics 

If you think your loved one deserves a new phone or any gadget, Newegg accepts crypto, particularly Bitcoin, as payment. As a bonus, Newegg does not require you to convert your crypto to fiat cash by using a third-party service.  

All you have to do is use the “pay with Bitcoin” button on Newegg’s website. Alternatively, you could use Newegg’s QR code system to make a purchase on your phone. Either way, it’s easy to use your saved-up bitcoin to buy gadgets for friends and family.  

Newegg also sells mining starter kits for cryptocurrency. That way, you can also put your crypto towards helping someone else start mining their own. 

Alternatively, another online platform offering electronics for purchase via crypto is BitDazzle. This site offers special discounts when paying with Bitcoin. Referring the brand to another friend can also earn you a $25 BTC reward.  

9. Luxury Items 

In May of 2022,  Italian luxury brand Gucci announced that they will start accepting payments in cryptocurrencies in some of its stores in America. 

Customers will be able to pay using a number of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. 

Gucci is the latest big name to announce that it will take cryptocurrency as payment. 

Some of the world’s biggest brands now accept digital currencies, including technology giant Microsoft, US telecoms firm AT&T and coffee chain Starbucks. 

In the last year Bitcoin has also become legal tender in two countries - El Salvador and the Central African Republic

Final Words  

Using crypto as payment has never been this convenient. Now that more shops accept this, you have more options to choose from when shopping during the holidays.  

Check out some of these crypto gift ideas, or explore others on your own. You never know what you may find. 

Published by Robert Ryerson

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