A Step-by-Step Guide to Retirement Planning 

Many people fail to think about their retirement until their 40s or 50s. However, this is a mistake. Putting off retirement planning can force you to postpone your retirement, sell your home and downsize, or otherwise compromise your plans for your golden years.     To make sure you’re fully prepared for your retirement, start planning today,Continue reading “A Step-by-Step Guide to Retirement Planning “

12 Fascinating Facts about Bitcoin 

Ever since its launch in 2009, Bitcoin has been wildly popular. Anyone new to investing in cryptocurrencies, and Bitcoin, in particular, should first have a little background on it. That will make it easier to make informed investments that result in a big return on investment. Read on to learn 12 interesting facts about BitcoinContinue reading “12 Fascinating Facts about Bitcoin “

Is Crypto Innovative or Insidious? How and Why Countries Are Banning Cryptocurrency 

Cryptocurrency has been experiencing surges of usage and popularity in mainstream digital media in the United States. However, the digital currency exchange is being curbed by the negative reactions of national banks across the globe.   Part of the appeal of cryptocurrency usage is its independence from traditional finance infrastructure. As Bitcoin is decentralized (ie.Continue reading “Is Crypto Innovative or Insidious? How and Why Countries Are Banning Cryptocurrency “

What You Need to Know about the 4 Financial Stages of Retirement

Most of the general information you’ll find on retirement planning treats retirement as if it were a single, unchanging phase that begins when you stop working and lasts for the rest of your life. However, if you take a closer look, you’ll find that retirement consists of several distinct stages, each of which involves differentContinue reading “What You Need to Know about the 4 Financial Stages of Retirement”

Get Answers to 6 of Your Most Important 401(k) Questions

401(k) plans are hailed by many financial experts as one of the easiest and most convenient ways to save for retirement. However, according to data from the US Census Bureau, although an estimated 79 percent of American workers have access to a 401(k) plan through their employer, only 41 percent of those choose to takeContinue reading “Get Answers to 6 of Your Most Important 401(k) Questions”

A Helpful Cryptocurrency Glossary That’s Great for Beginners

I recently did a webinar with a colleague on the subject of learning about Bitcoin and cryptos. An Introduction to Crypto-Currencies Hosted by Robert Ryerson, Dr. Jose Cao Alvira, Nikki Shank Thursday, March 25 2021 6:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada) GMT -4 We have recorded the webinar event for you! In case youContinue reading “A Helpful Cryptocurrency Glossary That’s Great for Beginners”